Wise Waste & Environmental
Management, Inc.

Wise Waste & Environmental Management services:

         Hazardous Waste Management - Wise Waste will determine cost efficient disposal for all your hazardous materials and look at waste minimization to save you money.


         Permit Procurement - Starting out or moving your facility will require new permits. Wise Waste can procure the necessary permits for your business.


         Liaison with Regulatory Agencies - Wise Waste can serve as a liaison between your employees and the City, County or State regulators.


         Environmental Health and Safety consulting - We offer a full spectrum of EH&S consulting, including Cal/OSHA written programs and required trainings.


         Closure Plans - Wise Waste will manage a “clean” closure of your facility, including decommissioning and decontamination the site. We will submit all necessary filings including a Final Closure Report to the regulatory agency overseeing the closure.


         Site safety inspections - Required safety inspections will be conducted by Wise Waste personnel.


         Hazard Classification and determination – We can assist with identifying hazards to reduce employee injury and illness.


         Record Keeping – Wise Waste will help you maintain required records based on the Cal/OSHA standards.




If you have any questions regarding the services listed above or would like a proposal please contact me. In just a few hours we can begin to achieve your goal of compliance. I’m happy to come meet with you to discuss your individual safety needs. We look forward for the opportunity to assist you with all of your environmental health and safety needs.